Our communities are in need of unique assistance in light of this crisis – on the organizational, communal, and individual level. The OU is committing to build local summer experiences that will be mutually enriching to meet our community’s needs.

Project Community is a National Program designed by the Orthodox Union (JLIC, NCSY, Yachad) and will be specifically designed to meet the needs of each community that it is operating in (locations to be determined depending on interest and permission). Deploying teens in a work force this summer, they will be spending their time in a day camp like setting, enjoying programming, learning and volunteering to assist with populations that need help.

The OU is seeking Project Managers, individuals graduating 12th grade through recent college graduates to enlist in helping staff and lead the program. Project Managers will oversee the squads during the volunteer blocks, lead daily chaburah sessions and social programs (with resources provided), and help facilitate leadership summit programming.

As we are operating in full compliance with government regulations, the below information is subject to change and all sample schedules and programs are in draft form. In addition, NCSY Summer is still working on options for their programs domestically; if you are already signed up for those programs, you do not have to apply yet for Project Community.

Please fill out an application and apply for one of the two tracks below:

Volunteer Squads:
Squads consist of 10-15 teens and 1-2 Project Managers.
Participants and Project Managers can sign on for 1-week sessions. (see sample schedule).

Each week will focus on a different leadership theme that will be explored through engaging modules and challenges as part of the Wednesday & Friday Leadership Summit program. These themes will also be explored in the afternoon chaburah, and applied to the week’s volunteer activities in the daily Coffee & Connection and Power Half-Hour slots.

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Integrated Special Needs Program:
Squads consist of 6-7 individuals with disabilities, 12-14 peer leaders, and 3-4 Project Managers. (see sample schedule).

Daily schedules reflect the goal of having social opportunities, Jewish experience, volunteering and learning opportunities in a fun and inclusive way. All programming is for all participants with the exception of training for teen leaders/ staff. Each session will have a theme which supports our educational objective. Broad themes will allow for games, activities and Torah learning components.

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