Yachad on Demand

If you can’t go out to us, we’re coming to you! Please join us for daily Zoom programming with participants from across North America & Israel! Daily sessions include cooking, art, comedy, science, music, mishmar, karate, dance, fitness and more!

Yachad’s on Demand programming is open to members of Yachad. Non members of Yachad can sign up to enroll by clicking below.

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Yachad-Partners in Torah

Yachad teamed up with Partners in Torah to invite individuals with and without disabilities to learn Torah for 20-30 minutes a week with a new Torah partner. Both teachers and students are encouraged to sign up for this meaningful way to meet new friends while learning Jewish text.

Yachad-Partners in Torah & Yachad Virtual Buddies are open to individuals with and without disabilities over the age of 12.

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Yachad Virtual Buddies/The Sruly App

Individuals with and without disabilities are invited to meet new friends on Yachad’s safe 1:1 virtual platform. Weekly calls are made from the comfort and safety of your own home with Yachad’s guidance.

Join us to add some connection and socialization to your week
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For more on Yachad on Demand, go to https://www.yachad.org/yachadondemand